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SEO Packages in India

How Much Do SEO Packages Cost in India?

SEO packages in India hold a reputation for various reasons. First, the SEO charges in India are affordable to resist. Second, you will find fully qualified and experienced SEO experts delivering these affordable SEO services. It means SEO packages India are a bounty that comes with a blend of trusted technical expertise and diversity in plans and do not make you break the bank.

Affordable SEO Packages for All Size Businesses

While researching SEO charges in India, you must understand one main principle that guides SEO plans: SEO needs differ from business to business. And accordingly, your choice of SEO packages must vary. 

Our SEO packages are transparent and inclusive. We cater to the business challenges and ensure that our clients get their return on investment without compromise. We take pride in our dedication to providing SEO packages that really suit the business size and budget range.

For instance, SEO services pricing for small businesses and SEO services pricing for medium and large ones will differ. Because we know the difference in business challenges, we bill our customers according to their needs and our efforts.

We offer the following SEO packages that cater to the needs of businesses of varying sizes: 

Local SEO :

If you are keen to establish your presence in a selected location, Local SEO is the right choice. It will bring in more customers of the specific geography by increasing your business visibility in the search engines.

National SEO:

This SEO package suits best for those businesses that are eyeing expansion at a national level. Through this SEO package, your business emerges at the top in the search results of national-level customers.

Global SEO:

This SEO package gives global wings to your business. Aptly customized to promote the visibility of your brand at the international level, global SEO is the mantra to grow your business beyond boundaries.

eCommerce SEO:

With increased availability of the internet, the eCommerce domain is gaining more traction. And so are the challenges with increasing competition. Our eCommerce SEO package will realize your dreams of evolving into an owner of a successful eCommerce business.

SEO for Startups:

Startups need a well-crafted SEO strategy to catch the attention of investors and customers. And this is what we achieve through our signature SEO package designed especially for Startups.

Confused about which SEO suits your business?

How Much Does SEO Cost in India?

To date, we have come across many customers who are in the dilemma – “how much does SEO cost?” It is a common confusion as the SEO pricing varies from agency to agency. Unfortunately, most clients believe that higher SEO packages might be a burden and prefer cheap SEO services.

As a trusted SEO partner for diverse industries, we know the challenges involved in the SEO industry and why SEO plans and packages vary. Talk with us now to know why you should never fall for so-called cheap SEO services.

SEO is an all-inclusive process that mandates the involvement of various tech minds and business teams. The best SEO packages demand collaborated inputs from expert Web Developers, SEO specialists, Content Experts, and Business Teams. It explains why the best SEO packages are often expensive.

Another distinction between cheap SEO services and the best SEO packages is the ethics and practices. Most agencies that claim to provide cheap SEO services resort to black hat techniques to show you the immediate visible results they claim while making the contract. But little do you expect that no soon these forbidden practices will cost you steeply both in terms of website penalty and business reputation.  

At WebTechne, we are ethics-oriented. We explain our SEO process and practically guide our customers. All our SEO packages are affordable with no quality compromise or any inclusion of forbidden practices. 

To avail best SEO packages, you can expect the SEO pricing to be anywhere between 1200 INR to 40000 INR. If you need a per-hour SEO consultation, the prices vary from $30 to $50. The prices depend on various factors that we shall discuss below.

Pricing Factors

SEO Pricing Factors

  • The Number of Keywords: Higher the number of keywords, expect the SEO pricing to be naturally higher. It is because the SEO efforts go up with the increase in the number of keywords.
  • The Business Niche and the Competition: Every business has its SEO challenges. A good SEO expert will explain the related challenges and how to emerge successfully by beating the competition. Accordingly, the SEO strategies vary, and so does the SEO pricing too.
  • Creative Design: Digital marketing and paid campaigns demand the design of creatives that impact the audience. Creatives play a vital role in adding quality to content and SEO. Thus, based on the necessity of creatives, your SEO packages will comprise the cost involved for the design of creatives too.
  • Social Media Marketing Requirements: Social media marketing and SEO must go hand-in-hand to attain better reach and traffic. Thus, SEO cost includes social media marketing cost too. Plus, the more social media channels your business requires, the SEO cost will be additive accordingly. The SEO pricing may vary if you opt for paid promotions and ad campaigns because that demands extra strategies, efforts, and analysis from digital marketing experts. 
  • Targeted Geolocation: SEO can help your business to grow beyond geographical boundaries. While choosing SEO plans, you should be clear about the geographies you would like your business to gain visibility. SEO pricings vary according to the targeted locations. Accordingly, there exist various types of SEO such as Local, National, and International. We shall discuss this soon below. What you must understand is – the targeted location can decide your SEO cost.
  • Stage of Business: Whether your business is a budding one, startup, a mid-sized one, or an established business – this can impact your SEO pricing.  Reason? Simple. Business challenges at every step of the journey for a business differ. A startup needs aggressive visibility, while the focus of a mid-sized firm is to grow and expand in both headcount and customer base. An established business must focus on expansion, customer engagement, and retention.   The best SEO packages India will cater to all such needs of businesses of varying sizes. 
  • Website Technicalities: A well-performing website is the heart of any business. Right from the User Experience to Loading Speed, your website should be top-notch in terms of its performance to satisfy users.  Search engine optimization pricing comprises Website Design, Development, and Identification of improvements in your website.

What WebTechne Offers in Its SEO Packages?

At WebTechne, we trust that our customers’ success is our success. Our affordable SEO services are transparent and solve the pain points of our customers. Accordingly, we offer the below On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO plans:

On-Page SEO Packages Includes
Keyword Research

The more keywords, the higher the SEO pricing.

Content Audit

To assess why your website is not performing as expected

Competitor Analysis

we study your business competitors' digital performance and plan an SEO strategy

Website Audit

To identify and eliminate loopholes in your website

Conversion Tracking

We track the success rate of conversion by using top-rated conversion tracking techniques

Backlink Audit

Detailed backlink suggestion report that helps decide their SEO priorities.

Off-Page SEO Packages Includes
Guest Posting

Content Marketing

Leveraging Multimedia:

Classifieds and Directory Submission

Blogger Outreach

Backlink Audit

Detailed backlink suggestion report that helps decide their SEO priorities.

To get customized insights about our Off-page and On-page services.

What to Check Before Buying SEO Packages?

Now that we have given detailed insights into SEO charges in India and search engine optimization pricing in general, we want to empower you with the knowledge of what to check before buying SEO packages:

Goals and Budget

Goals and Budget

SEO plans are diverse. They depend on the business needs and goals – local, national and international. If you are not aware of the difference, chances are that you end up paying more than required by SEO agencies that promise cheap SEO services. A trusted SEO agency should provide you with a transparent SEO strategy that aligns with your goals and budget.

Agency History and Authenticity

Agency History and Authenticity

If you have been endlessly looking for a good SEO package by now, you must have come across many SEO agencies. To choose the one that will assure ROI, you must study the agency’s history.

  • How many years of industry experience does the agency possess?
  • What are the industry horizontals and verticals it has handled to date?
  • Are they ready to provide you a free website audit?
  • Will their SEO package come with a sample SEO strategy?
  • Are their SEO prices too low or too high compared to others?
  • Is the number of team members adequate to handle your SEO requirements?
  • What is the turn-around time they promise?
  • How smooth is the communication with them?

A reliable and trustworthy SEO agency should make you tick all the above questions and concerns. If not, it is a red flag that you must be aware of before finalizing the SEO agency.

Adherence to Ethical Practices & Technical Expertise of the Team

Adherence to Ethical Practices & Technical Expertise of the Team

Some agencies offer too cheap SEO prices and SEO plans that appear too hard to resist. You must be double careful of such agencies before you accept their SEO services. Such red flags can hint to you about their black hat strategies and limited technical expertise.

A trustworthy SEO agency abides by ethical practices using industry experts. Their search engine optimization pricing reflects the efforts they invest in implementing state-of-art ethical SEO practices. Hence, always cross-check the SEO strategies and the technical expertise before you collaborate with an SEO agency.

Diversity in the Work History

Diversity in the Work History

Your SEO investment pays when you choose an SEO partner with working experience in diverse industries. They would be well-versed in handling challenges of any industry, and thus they can guide you so that your ROI is assured.

Services Offered

Services Offered

The best SEO agency in India should be able to cater to your digital growth needs end-to-end. SEO is the first solid step towards selling your services and products by increasing the visibility of your brand and website. 

An SEO agency you choose must offer the umbrella of services: SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Penalty Recovery, Content Creation and Marketing, and Troubleshooting. 

By choosing such an agency that offers wholesome services, you can rest assured that your business growth is in safe hands.  We are glad that we, WebTechne, are an end-to-end digital marketing services provider. Reach us at info@webtechne.com to receive customized guidance from our experts.

Why Web Techne Stands Out


Keyword & Market Insights

Web Techne leverages cutting-edge tools and trends for comprehensive keyword and competitor analysis, ensuring you reach the appropriate audience.

Superior Backlink Quality

Backlinks are crucial for SEO success. We specialize in high-quality, do-follow backlinks from reputable sources to boost your site's ranking.

Social Media Integration

Engage directly with your audience through Social Media Marketing, enhancing brand recognition and lead generation.

Penalty Recovery Support

Experiencing a traffic drop? Our team will assist in recovering your site from any Google-imposed penalties.

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